Why Choose a Career as a Pilot?

Why would someone want to pursue a Career as a Pilot?

We are often told that "if you do what you LOVE, you will never WORK a day of your life".

While this is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration (quite a bit, really), the idea makes sense.

If we love what we are doing, we will be able to be happy and satisfied in our work life, which carries over into our non-work lives.

We all know someone who complains about their work often, which likely means they have not found the right employment fit for themselves.

Sometimes this is due to a lack of education, or a lack of opportunity, but all too often, it is due to a lack of awareness.

When we are getting ready to exit Secondary School, we are sometimes at a loss to know "what next".

What am I meant to DO? What am I meant to BE?

We are told that "The World is your Oyster! You can BE whatever you CHOOSE!"

But how do we know what to choose?

How do we know what Jobs & Careers are out there, what kind of opportunities, compensation, and lifestyle each will provide, and how do we go about pursuing one of these once we decide this might be the path for us?

The truth is, without being exposed to unique career opportunities, we might well never find that one thing that we were "meant" to do.

The school system today is designed to feed High School Students directly into Colleges and Universities, almost as a matter of course.

But not every High School Graduate is a great fit for a College or University program, AND Not All Great Careers REQUIRE a College or University education!

The reality is that a young person today is unlikely to be exposed to, or advised to consider, a Career in Aviation, which is a shame, because there are many Great Career Opportunities in Aviation, right now, and the projections are for these opportunities to persist for decades to come!

Global Pilot Shortage

Did you know... that there is a GLOBAL PILOT SHORTAGE?

That is correct! In North America, every day, hundreds of scheduled flights are cancelled due to a lack of AIRCREW!

According to the Boeing 20 Year Pilot Outlook...

"Long-term demand for newly qualified aviation personnel remains strong, as 612,000 new pilots are needed to fly the global commercial fleet over the next 20 years."

"Meeting projected pilot demand is wholly dependent on industry’s investment in a steady pipeline of newly qualified personnel to replace those who have left or will soon exit the industry through mandatory retirement, early retirement, recent layoffs and furloughs, and ongoing attrition."

"Opportunity for aspiring aviators will abound while operators will face stiff competition in recruiting and retaining top tier talent."

What this means is that there is going to be sustained demand for new Pilots to enter the workforce, to fly the world's expanding fleet of commercial airplanes.

What this also means is that EMPLOYERS will be competing with each other to HIRE and RETAIN Commercial Pilots, which means better pay, benefits, schedules and working conditions!

There are not very many career opportunities today which are on this trajectory!

Prior to COVID-19, CANADA was on-track to be short by 600 Commercial Pilots per Year!

The Federal Government of Canada did a study of the Pilot Shortage in Canada, and realized that this shortage would not only present an "existential challenge" to the Aviation Industry, but would actually be a significant concern for virtually ALL sectors of the economy, because virtually ALL SECTORS rely on aviation in some way or other!

While the global pandemic has definitely changed the situation with respect to Pilot demand in Canada in the short term, when we look to the US, we can see that they have not only returned to pre-Covid activity levels, but exceeded them. There are more commercial flights in the US today than there were pre-Covid.

We can anticipate that as the global pandemic transitions to become a "endemic" situation, the Canadian aviation sector will also rebound back to, and then exceed, pre-Covid levels.

We can see this process happening in real-time, because we had several Commercial Airline Captains join our Aurora Aviation Academy Team when their airline employers were cutting back on Pilot staffing, due to Covid. Most of those Commercial Pilots are now back to their airline jobs, signalling a significant increase in flying activity in Canada.

With Commercial Aviation on the Rise in Canada, we need to remember that there were MANY Commercial Pilots laid off, furloughed, and early-retired in Canada when Covid hit. MANY of these Pilots are either permanently retired, or have found other permanent employment. This means that while the DEMAND for Pilots in Canada is INCREASING, the supply of Pilots in Canada is reduced from the levels anticipated in the pre-pandemic projections.

We believe that this points to a TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY!

We believe that anyone choosing to begin Flight Training today, with a Commercial Pilot Career in mind, will very likely be completing their training and time-building EXACTLY when the Airlines will be seeing peak demand for new Pilots! The GLOBAL SHORTAGE of Pilots is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to get to Professional Career, in just two years time, without having to engage in a College or University program!

Pilot Career Path

So, How Do I Get Started?

If you think that you might be interested in a Career as a Commercial Pilot, you have come to the right place!


The path to becoming a Commercial Pilot is SIMPLE:


A one-hour DISCOVERY FLIGHT is the First Step in starting along your path to a Pilot Career!

A DISCOVERY FLIGHT allows you to experience EXACTLY what a Flight Training Lesson is like!

You can check out our DISCOVERY FLIGHT page HERE!

And Best of All..., Your DISCOVERY FLIGHT counts towards your PILOT LICENCE!


In order to enroll in a Commercial Pilot program, you must first obtain your PRIVATE PILOT LICENCE!

You can check our our PRIVATE PILOT TRAINING page HERE!


This is where you gain the knowledge and skills to safely operate an airplane to the Commercial Pilot standard.

At the end of this process, you will need to accumulate around 50 additional hours of flying, in order to reach the 250 hours required to qualify for your Commercial Licence.

You will use these additional hours to your best advantage, by getting the more Advanced Ratings which are essential to qualify to apply to the Airlines.

The Advanced Ratings you will need are:

IFR Rating - Instrument Flight

Multi-Engine Rating - Flying a Twin

Multi-IFR Rating - Instrument Flight in a Twin

Once you have achieved these Advanced Ratings, you will want to take one more important step! You will want to obtain your...

Instructor Rating - Class 4

By earning your Instructor Rating, you are now qualified to apply for your first PAID FLYING JOB!

As a paid Flying Instructor, you will work under the supervision of a Senior Flying Instructor, passing on your newly learned skills and knowledge to the next generation of Future Pilots!

This is your chance to GET PAID, while you build up the flight hours, skills and experience required in order to qualify for an Airline Pilot position!

(Most airlines today will require a minimum of 1500 hours of Flight Time, in order to qualify.)

If you are one of our Best and Brightest Students, you may be invited to JOIN OUR TEAM!

Aurora Aviation Academy is focussed on helping YOU reach YOUR GOALS!

Getting Started

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