Complex & Congested Airspace

Flying in the congested airspace which surrounds a large airport, or a complex airport environment (like the Lower Mainland - Vancouver area) can be very intimidating and challenging for a low-time Pilot, a Private or Recreational Pilot, or even an experienced Commercial Pilot who may have worked primarily in remote "bush" environments.

Our "Congested Airspace Training" program will provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to confidently manage a flight through such airspace, including flight planning, navigation and communications.

You will take one or more flights into and through the complex and congested airspace of the Lower Mainland, with one of our experienced instructors, so that you can safely see and learn in the real-world environment, and become familiar with the procedures, routes and communications required to safely carry out your desired flights.

There is no formal Congested & Complex Airspace RATING, so there is no endorsement on your licence, but your enhanced awareness and knowledge of flying in such an environment will help to provide you with a safer and more enjoyable flying experience, and provide you with the knowledge and confidence to fly where you want, in a way that is compliant with regulations and does not present hazards to yourself or the other aircraft around you.

Prerequisites of Complex & Congested Airspace Training

Anyone who holds a Pilot Licence can register for our Complex & Congested Training, however, if you are a very low time Pilot, you should tackle this training later on in your training plan, after you have already mastered navigation, and have a good handle on the control and characteristics of the airplane.

Your Flying Instructor can advise if you are ready to take on Complex & Congested Training, based on your current knowledge and skill level.

Requirements of a Complex & Congested Airspace Training

Our Complex & Congested Airspace Training Program includes 2 hours of Ground Training, and a minimum of 3 hours of Flight Training, to include a flight into the complex & often congested airspace of the Lower Mainland, including landings at a minimum of two airports in the Lower Mainland area.

The completion of this training program is determined by you, when you feel that you are now able to safely and confidently operate an airplane into a complex and/or congested airspace, without becoming a disruption or hazard to the operations of the other aircraft in that airspace.

There is no Transport Canada written examination for this training program. You will be required to pass the Aurora Aviation Academy Complex & Congested Airspace Exam, prior to your first flight into the Lower Mainland airspace.

There is no Transport Canada Flight examination for Complex & Congested Airspace Training.

Our Complex & Congested Airspace Training is required if you intent to rent one of our airplanes for flight into the complex airspace of the Lower Mainland (east of Chilliwack).

Complex Airspace Training - Duration & Cost

Each Student Pilot is able to determine their own pace, so that your Pilot Training fits your schedule and your financial plan.

The cost of this program will depend on the number of flights into the training environment that you wish to carry out, and which type of aircraft you wish to operate for these flights.

A three hour minimum in our single-engine trainer (Cessna 172) will cost around $1000 CAD.

A three hour minimum in our twin-engine trainer (Piper Twin-Comanche) will cost around $2000 CAD.

Please contact us to review your experience and training history, so that we can provide an estimated cost for you to complete this training.

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