Privileges of a Night Rating

Your NIGHT RATING is an additional endorsement to your Private Pilot Licence.

Upon successful completion of the NIGHT RATING Program, you will be licenced to fly at night (as opposed to "Daylight Hours Only").

Night flying is a unique and rewarding experience, and allows for much greater flexibility in terms of planning your flights and trips.

Prerequisites of a Night Rating

In order to enroll in a NIGHT RATING Program, you must hold a Private Pilot Licence.

Note: A Commercial Licence or IFR Rating includes a Night Rating.

Requirements of a Night Rating

In order to qualify for a Night Rating, you must achieve the following:

1. A minimum of 15 hours of Flight Training, including:

A minimum of 5 hours of Dual Night Instruction (2 of which are Cross-Country), and

A minimum of 5 hours of Solo Night Flight.

2. A minimum of 10 hours of INSTRUMENT TRAINING (of which you should have at least 5 hours from your Private Pilot Training, so you should require only 5 additional hours of Instrument Training).

Night Rating - Ground School

There is no formal Ground School requirement for a Night Rating. Your pre-flight and post-flight briefings will cover the material required.

Night Rating Program - Duration & Cost

Each Student Pilot is able to determine their own pace, so that your Pilot Training fits your schedule and your financial plan.

You could complete your Night Rating in as little as one week.

The Total Cost of your Night Rating is estimated to be $3,900 CAD.

We will do our best to advise & support you along the way, so that you can optimize your training experience.

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