Michael Morin

Founder, President & CEO

Michael Morin founded Aurora Helicopters Ltd. in 2003, building the foundation of a Group of Companies focused on providing very high quality Aviation Services.

With more than ten thousand hours of flying as a Commercial Helicopter Pilot, Michael knows what it takes to work safely and professionally in the aviation industry, while efficiently and effectively meeting the needs of our customers.

Michael is University educated, with seven years of post-secondary education, and continues to be engaged in life-long learning, taking advantage of many learning engagements and opportunities throughout the year.

Michael is committed to the principals of compliance, growth, ethical business, career development, reward for effort and results, and remembering that it is the humans which drive our businesses.

Sylvain Leone

Chief Operating Officer


Sylvain Leone joined the Aurora Team in 2019, just as we launched into the realm of Pilot Training, with our Aurora Aviation Academy.

With a Fortune 500 sale background, experience as an Entrepreneur and a profound love of Aviation, Sylvain has become the driving force of our Flight Training Business.

As the Chief Flight Instructor, Sylvain leads our AAA Team, providing standards, guidance and mentorship, while taking a leadership role in the identification of new Team Members, Training Base Locations and Aircraft to grow our fleet.

Sylvain is a Transport Canada Designated Flight Test Examiner, providing Flight Testing services to students from our Flight Training Unit, and from those in our surrounding area.

Grant Barry

Chief Financial Officer

& Senior Flying Instructor

Grant Barry joined the Aurora Team in 2021, bringing with him a very diverse background of experience, education and knowledge.

Having served as the Chief Flying Instructor of a college-affiliated Flight Training Unit, Grant is an expert if the field of Pilot Training.

Grant is also a former Chartered Accountant (CA) / Certified Professional Accountant (CPA), and has most recently added the role of Chief Financial Officer to his list of roles within our organization.

Grant continues to be very engaged in Pilot Training, and is most often working with our Multi-Engine / IFR students, providing advanced flight training.

Robert Fillion

Director of Maintenance


Robert Fillion joined the Aurora Team in 2021, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Aircraft Maintenance, including specific experience in Team Managment, Regulatory Compliance, Asset Acquisition, Project Management, Asset Management, Sales and Service.

Robert brings his extensive knowledge of the Helicopter industry to bear, brining those exacting standards to our Fixed-Wing maintenance program as well.

Robert is committed to providing a calm, supportive workplace, while maintaining high standards.

He is engaged in the development of our Aurora Aerotech Team, providing Team Members with instruction, supervision and guidance, while providing them with opportunities to grow into their potential.

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Covid-19 Protocols

Please note that COVID-19 Protocols are in effect at all Aurora Aviation locations.

A self-declaration must be completed on arrival.

Masks must be worn at all times.

Visitors must sign in on arrival.

Our Covid-19 Protocols are driven by Transport Canada requirements.

These protocols will be updated as required, with changes to the Federally mandated requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Covid-19 Protocols, please let us know.

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